Legionella Risk Assessments


Do I need a Legionella risk assessment?

  • Legionella risk assessments are required by law (see your legal duties).
  • They are a statutory requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 amongst others.
  • A Legionella risk assessment is a fundamental step in protecting your employees and the public from exposure to contracting Legionnaires' disease.
  • Legionella risk assessments should meet the requirements of the HSE’s ACoP L8.
  • BS8580-1:2019 is the latest British Standard relating to Legionella.
  • They should be reviewed every two years or following a system change (see Legionella risk assessment review).

"A suitable and sufficient assessment is required to identify and assess the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on the premises and any necessary precautionary measures."
ACoP L8, paragraph23.

What does a Legionella risk assessment involve?

Our comprehensive and compliant Legionella risk assessments include identification and evaluation of all potential sources of risk associated with Legionella within your building’s water system.

A City and Guilds qualified Legionella risk assessor visits your premises to perform a site survey.

This involves:

  • A detailed inspection of each room.
  • Water temperatures taken across the site measured against acceptable ranges.
  • Identification and detailed inspection of all site assets.
  • Trace of all pipe work configurations and water sources.
  • Identification, evaluation and prioritisation of all risks.
  • Control scheme recommendations against the identified risks.
  • Check of system materials to ensure compliance with WRAS (the latest water fittings regulations).
  • Photography of all site assets and risk areas.

Following the site visit, the risk assessment is typed up and issued to you electronically and/or in hardcopy depending on your requirements.

This includes:

  • Certification of the risk assessment - appropriate for any HSE inspection.
  • Overall risk rating - a quantitative way to measure risk and prioritise remedial works.
  • Executive summary - a summary of findings and recommendations for initial review.
  • Recommendations - a task-by-task summary of all recommendations bespoke to site.
  • Site and asset inspection reports - Asset registries, useful for management records.
  • Report photography - All findings clearly referenced against photographic record.
  • Site schematic - Simple to follow, detailed representations of the entire site; pinpointing site assets and deadlegs against building references.

Example of a WET site schematic

Why choose W.E.T for your Legionella risk assessment?

  • Strictly compliant:
    Our Legionella risk assessments are designed in strict accordance with ACoP L8 and BS8580-1:2019 to keep you compliant.
  • Practical and concise reports:
    Our reports are designed to exceed industry standards, but provide practical and concise information to help you identify the key issues and actions to control the risk of Legionella.
  • Over 20 years experience:
    We have been in operation for over 20 years and carry out over 800 Legionella risk assessments a year across the UK so you can be reassured of our experience.
  • Experienced, qualified and courteous risk assessors:
    Our Legionella risk assessors are City and Guilds' qualified and have a practical background of water systems, who are courteous and respectful to your premises, employees and clients.
  • Cost effective and efficient:
    We employ bespoke software to enable Legionella risk assessments to be carried out efficiently and cost effectively so you can be reassured of value for money.
  • Accredited by the Legionella Control Association:
    Services are carried out under internal procedures which have been accredited by the Legionella Control Association to ensure year round compliance and quality of service to our clients.
  • National Water Hygiene Card Holder:
    All W.E.T engineers are National Water Hygiene Card holders, which is recognised by all UK water companies and is a pre-requisite for any work on the water distribution network.
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