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12000 litre storage tank during clean and disinfection works - Click to enlarge
12000 litre storage tank during clean and disinfection works
2500 litre one piece GRP storage tank ready for delivery - Click to enlarge
2500 litre one piece GRP storage tank ready for delivery
Base of a calorifier during chemical descale - Click to enlarge
  Base of a calorifier during chemical descale  

Experience: Education

Building use / sector: Private boarding school accommodating over 1500 pupils
Location: Midlands
Date: 2002 to present


Initial problem
  • Heavy leakage of a 2500 litre cold water storage tank sited in an accommodation block
  • Damage to surrounding facilities, fixtures and fittings
  • Closure of accommodation block
Enquiry to W.E.T
  • Assessment of the storage tank for remedial action
  • Assessment of all storage tanks to avoid future disruption and repair costs
Service by W.E.T
  • Removal and replacement of leaking tank within two days of order to restore operation of building
  • Thorough assessment of entire water services and facilities
  • Presentation of non-compliance with relevant guidelines (e.g. ACOP L8)
  • Identification of underperforming systems (scaled showers, over-capacity calorifiers etc…)
  • Identification of potential future threats
Specifications of client for on-going works
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Avoid future building closures
  • Compliance with all recommended guidelines
Building Water Facilities
  • 15 hot and cold water storage tanks 2500 litres to 30 000 litres
  • 10 POU water heaters
  • 20 calorifiers
  • Swimming pool
  • Showers and baths
  • Wash rooms
  • Laundry
  • Kitchens
Services by W.E.T
  • Long term programme of improvements and services prioritised to ensure appropriate action within budget constraints
  • Flexibility of services to work around term time and high usage to minimise disruption of the buildings’ operations
  • Replacement of several domestic water storage tanks including pre-commission mains injection
  • Clean and disinfection of all water storage tanks
  • Installation of de-stratification pumps to remedy over capacity calorifiers
  • Chemical de-scale of calorifiers
  • Annual contracted monitoring and inspection programme
  • Bacteriological samples for analysis by an independent U.K.A.S. accredited laboratory

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